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Long Term Care Self Assessment

Our Long Term Care Self Assessment Guide might help you make an informed decision about whether long term care insurance is the right choice for you. 

The guide will not provide a definitive answer regarding the purchase of long-term care insurance. Since each persons circumstances are different, there is no one answer that fits all situations. The guide can help you ask the right questions, which will help you make the decision that is best for you. 

HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE The self-assessment guide leads you through questions and issues that include: your risk of needing long-term care; financial considerations; and long-term care insurance benefits to consider. A brief listing of options to insurance are also presented. You may want to work through the guide with family members, so these important issues can be discussed and considered.  

And,  we are here to assist you as well, Download this guide or contact us today. You'll be glad you did. 

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